Lycon “PAIN FREE” wax

Specialists of Intimate Wax.  At last….. No more tears waxing!

We believe in providing our clients with the optimum comfort when they come for any form of hair removal. Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon is a precision waxing system that delivers superior performance on hairs that can be as short as 1mm!

At the same time the fabulous system uses an incredibly low temperature and pliable waxes to minimise client discomfort whilst conditioning the skin. We also use a soothing antiseptic after-wax lotion containing tea tree oil to help prevent in-growing hairs as they grow back. Results last for up to 6 weeks depending on hair growth rate.


What’s the difference between Lycon hot wax & strip wax?
Hot wax is spread thickly onto the skin and allowed to dry slightly before its gently peeled away. The benefits include fewer in-grown hairs, less breakage and therefore longer re-growth periods. The wax also promotes the skin hydration and is highly recommended for sensitive areas. Strip wax is recommended for thicker/less sensitive skin, for example legs, arms, back , chest and shoulders. A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin and is then removed using a paper strip.

Previous shavers
Please leave shaving for 3 weeks before your wax appointment with us.
You will find your hair growth is at different stages of the growth cycle so whilst results should be good with the Lycon Wax, For best results leave the growth to be at least 3/4mm

As with all the waxing above aftercare is highly important to ensure the hair follicles are kept clean. To prevent infection, irritation, spots etc
Keep clean and cool
Allow the area to breathe
Avoid use of body lotions, bath, shower products
Wear loose clothing
Allow 24 – 48 hours for skin to recover itself (72 hours for sensitive skins)
Keep out of direct sunlight and sunbeds
We don’t mind what you wear before waxing – but afterwards it would be great if you had something clean and loose fitting.
If you are having a leg or intimate wax wear loose fitting trousers not tight jeans.
For all intimate waxing, we advise wearing cotton underwear.